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10 of the Brightest Teeth Whitening Tricks.

10 of the Brightest Teeth Whitening Tricks!

Are you trying to achieve perfect pearly whites? We always recommend professional cosmetic dentistry first, as it is the fastest and safest way to obtain your ideal smile. However, there are several teeth whitening methods that can be done from home on a day-to-day basis to gradually whiten your teeth!

1. Over the Counter Tray and Gels

Over the counter tray and gels have been around the longest. They require you to heat a tray, fill it with gel and place the formed tray in your mouth. The tray helps prevent oxygen from escaping which can lead to better results.

Brushing Teeth

2. Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips contain peroxide or bleach. Thus, they work to whiten your teeth the same way bleach works to whiten your clothes or your hair. The peroxide bleaches color from your teeth in order to restore their natural, white color.

3. Paint-Ons

Paint-ons are user friendly and convenient, paint-ons can be targeted to the teeth, thereby avoiding contact with the soft tissue which often results in sensitivity and irritation.

4. Whitening Devices

The light itself does NOT whiten teeth, it simply activates the whitening gel and initiates the chemical reaction that produces the whitening effect.

5. Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

Did you know certain lip colors can actually make your teeth look significantly whiter? Picking the right shade of lipstick can make your teeth look significantly whiter.

6. Whiten With Foods

Fibrous foods like apples, celery, carrots, spinach, broccoli and lettuce actually work to remove stains by exfoliating teeth.

7. Drink Through a Straw

Red wine, cranberry juice or any pigmented liquids that tend to seep into enamel are better sipped through a straw causing less contact with your enamel.

8. Whitening Floss

It’s important not to forget whitening the spaces in between our teeth, a whitening floss plus a mouth wash also help maintain healthy gums.

9. Electric Toothbrush

These devices are the most effective at removing tough stains, which are embedded on the exterior of the tooth surface.

10. Whitening Toothpastes

The toothpaste itself doesn’t whiten teeth; it only helps scrub away stains before they settle in and discolor your enamel. Brushing is a great way to prevent lingering stains.

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