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10 Popular Foods That Cause Bad Breath.

10 Foods That Cause Bad Breath

1. Tuna

Tuna contains molecules such as dimethyl trisulfide that smell like cooked cabbage and heptadienal, which has a stale odor.

Brushing Teeth

2. Peanuts

Peanuts have Acetic acid that stains the palate and cause bad breath, Methanethiol is a molecule responsible for the smell of rotten cabbage and isopropyl and Methoxypyrazine.

3. Cheese

The strength of cheese determines how bad it will make your breath smell, but we tend to think that the stinkiest ones are the tastiest! Cheese doesn’t leave any lasting odors like garlic or onions do, but it’s best to have a brush and rinse after that cheese sarnie at lunch.

4. Garlic

When garlic is cut or crushed, a compound called Allicin is released. Allicin breaks down quickly after consumption and converts to other substances which are released from the body.

5. Onions

After onions are digested by the body, their pungent oils absorb into the bloodstream, enter the lungs, and come out in your breath.


6. Durian Fruit

This small exotic spiky fruit is a delicacy in South East Asia but it can make your breath smell truly revolting. The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sulphurous compounds, all of which combine to create odor.

7. Natto

These Japanese specialties are slimy, smelly, fermented soybeans served over rice for breakfast.

8. High-protein, Low-Carb diets

Carb-free diets are popular with people looking to lose a few pounds, but if you do choose this kind of diet be aware that it can make your breath smell. This is caused when cutting carbohydrates which makes the body use more fat for energy. This process generates molecules called ketones. One type of ketone, called acetone, tends to be excreted in your breath.

9. Coffee

Coffee causes breath to smell because it decreases the production of saliva and dries out the mouth which allows bacteria to grow causing an unpleasant smell. Counteract this by having a mint and a glass of water after your daily latte.

10. Dairy

Dairy foods such as milk and ice cream are delicious but well known for causing bad breath. They’re dense in protein which provides fuel for bacteria. This causes a build up of amino acids that easily transform into volatile sulphur compounds on the surface of the tongue and throat.

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