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5 Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

5 Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

It’s becoming increasingly popular to switch out the generic tube of toothpaste with a natural alternative that contains fewer chemicals. We’ve listed five common methods to get you started! To ensure you’re still treating your teeth with optimal care, we suggest using caution and doing a bit of research on each method before you make the change.

1. Herbal Tooth Powders

The herbal ingredients used in tooth powders are a choice benefit for many reasons, including their capabilities to help ease inflammation, pain, and infection throughout the mouth.

2. Essential Oils

Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

A drop of two of peppermint oil on a dampened toothbrush is all you need to achieve a minty fresh smile!

3. Tooth Soap

Tooth soap has the potential to contain many of the same additives and chemicals as store-bought toothpaste, so make sure you know your ingredients before purchasing!

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties, which make it a solution to a clean mouth! Use it alone or mix it with baking soda.

5. Sea Salt

Dissolve a bit of sea salt in some water, wet your toothbrush in the combination, and you’ve got a cheap, easy, and effective tooth cleaner!

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