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Welcome to Olympus View Dental, where our passion for serving the Salt Lake community shines through in every smile we care for. As a leading dentist in Salt Lake City, we take pride in offering a warm, welcoming environment where patients of all ages can receive the highest quality dental care.


Our team is deeply committed to the well-being of our community, and we love being a part of this vibrant, diverse area. We provide a wide range of dental services to meet your family’s needs, from routine cleanings and exams to more specialized treatments like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and emergency dental care.


We aim to ensure that every visit leaves you feeling confident in your smile and satisfied with your experience. Join us and discover why we’re not just caring for teeth—we’re enhancing smiles and changing lives right here in the heart of Salt Lake.

Directions to Olympus View Dental

From Millcreek, Utah

  • Head south on S 900 E toward 3900 S
  • Turn left at the 1st cross street onto 3900 S
  • Drive 1.1 miles
  • Turn right onto S Highland Dr
  • After 0.3 miles, Olympus View Dental will be on the right at 4110 S Highland Dr., Suite 200


From Holladay, Utah:

  • Head south on S 2300 E/Holladay Blvd E toward S Holladay Village Plaza
  • Turn right onto E Murray Holladay Rd and continue 0.8 miles
  • Turn right onto S 1830 E/S Highland Dr and continue 1.2 miles
  • Olympus View Dental will be on the left right after The Old Meeting House
  • 4110 S Highland Dr., Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84124, United States

A Brief History of Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital and most populous city, boasts a rich history that dates back to its founding by Brigham Young and a group of Mormon pioneers on July 24, 1847. The city was originally established as a haven for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), fleeing religious persecution from the East. They found the valley of the Great Salt Lake to be an ideal location for settlement despite its challenging, arid environment. The early settlers, often referred to as the Mormon pioneers, worked diligently to irrigate the land and cultivate the soil, transforming it into a habitable area.


The name “Salt Lake City” was derived from the nearby Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. The city’s proximity to the lake influenced its name. However, the lake played a minor role in the city’s economic development during its early years. Instead, agriculture, mining, and later the railroad were significant to the city’s growth and economy.


Completing the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 was pivotal for Salt Lake City, enhancing its position as a crossroads for westward expansion and facilitating trade and travel. This development contributed significantly to the city’s growth and diversity, attracting non-Mormon settlers and international immigrants and gradually shifting the city’s religious and cultural landscape.


Throughout the 20th century, Salt Lake City continued to expand and modernize, developing into a central hub for business, transportation, education, and culture in the Intermountain West. The city hosted the XIX Olympic Winter Games in 2002, a milestone event that brought international attention and spurred further development and investment in the city’s infrastructure and facilities.


Today, Salt Lake City is known for its stunning natural scenery, outdoor recreational activities, burgeoning tech industry, and diverse cultural scene. The city maintains its historical heritage while promoting a vibrant, modern urban environment, making it a unique and dynamic place to live, work, and visit.

Living and Working in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a unique blend of urban and natural amenities catering to various lifestyles and interests. Nestled against the majestic Wasatch Range backdrop, the city is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering easy access to world-class skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.


The urban core of Salt Lake City is vibrant and diverse, with a thriving arts scene, a variety of dining options, and an array of cultural and entertainment venues. The city’s economy is robust, supported by a mix of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and tourism, providing ample employment opportunities for professionals.


Salt Lake City is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with excellent schools, parks, and community resources. The strong job market, high quality of life, and the scenic beauty of its surroundings make Salt Lake City an appealing place for residents and businesses.

What Not to Miss While Visiting Salt Lake City

After your appointment with your dentist in Salt Lake City, come see how the city unfolds as a playground of cultural and natural attractions, inviting you to explore its diverse offerings. Begin your adventure at Temple Square, the heart of the city, where the stunning architecture and serene gardens offer a peaceful retreat amidst the urban landscape.


Just a short drive away, the Natural History Museum of Utah awaits with its fascinating exhibits that span Utah’s prehistoric past to its vibrant ecosystems, providing an educational experience for all ages. For animal lovers, Utah’s Hogle Zoo offers an up-close look at wildlife from around the globe, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Nature enthusiasts should not miss the chance to wander through Red Butte Garden, where themed gardens and natural area trails provide a colorful oasis.


Finally, cap off your day with a meal at the Red Iguana restaurant, where authentic Mexican cuisine has garnered national acclaim, making it a must-visit for foodies. Each destination showcases Salt Lake City’s unique charm, ensuring your post-dental visit is filled with memorable experiences.


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