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General Dental Services

Millcreek Dentists Near You!

Our Salt Lake City dental office place just as much importance on regular teeth cleanings as we do on root canal operations! Routine check-ups are essential to prevent damaging plaque and tarter build-up.

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Let our Salt Lake City Utah Dentists help with treatment for a toothache depends on your situation, but you can rest assured our emergency dentist will use the most effective form of treatment available.

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Broken Tooth

Try to remain calm, our emergency dentist will have you fixed up and pain-free in no time at all. We will choose the best method for repairing your tooth. No matter how severe the injury, our experts can make your smile beautiful again.

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Painful abscesses can form when this bacteria creeps into your gums. Our skilled emergency dentist will diagnose and treat your condition using the latest treatment options available.

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Our dental team uses special dental tools to remove the hardened plaque off of your teeth and away from your gum line. This thorough cleaning isn’t possible with routine brushing that’s why it’s so important to visit us every six months!

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