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Searching for a dentist in Salt Lake City?

We’re here to help.

Dentists in Salt Lake City

Choosing a dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah is no easy task.  There a hundreds of options and it can often seem daunting.  We’re here to help. Whether you have questions about how to choose a professional dentist or orthodontist who’s right for you, or if you have any questions about our services, we would love to hear from you.  We can walk you through any dental services you have questions about, will help you schedule an appointment, and even accommodate you on weekends if you need emergency dental care.

Olympus View Dental has been working to improve oral health and hygiene by helping you learn about preventative care.  Although routine check-ups are essential to prevent damaging plaque and tarter build-up, our Salt Lake City, Utah dental office places just as much importance on regular teeth cleanings as we do on root canal operations and emergency care.  Our office is even open on Saturdays so your busy lifestyle doesn’t prevent you from having the healthy smile you deserve.  Our goals are to provide exceptional treatment that is long-lasting, feels good, and looks great in a comfortable and safe environment.

Everyone deserves to have a healthy smile and at Olympus View Dental we do everything we can to ensure that you don’t have any dental emergencies, and if you do get the unexpected ache and pain, we have an emergency dentist on staff to serve you.  We treat all kinds of dental emergencies on weekends and after hours. Our professional staff specializes in relieving your pain and providing a satisfying solution for all types of injuries and accidents.  We will be here when you need us. At Olympus View Dental, we believe that pain can’t wait.

We care about you. Whatever circumstance led to your current dental condition, don’t worry about it because we can help.  We became dentists to help people with all types of dental conditions. We see patients on a regular basis who are embarrassed about the current state of their teeth and have successfully helped them.  We won’t judge you. At Olympus View Dental, we have decades of combined experience and have helped people smile proudly and eat and drink comfortably for the first time in years.

Why Olympus View Dental?

We realize many people have a fear of the dentist and we want to assure you that your comfort is our priority.  We offer various pain-free solutions and patient comforts to help calm your anxiety.

We also understand your concern about the cost of dental care in Salt Lake City and we strive to offer many services that will fit your budget. We control costs by being as effective and as efficient as possible.

We strive for short waiting times and can even offer certain dental services in one visit that used to take two. That saves everyone time and money.

Quick & Easy

We’re here for you.

A person’s smile is one of the most beautiful things about them, and one of the first things people notice.  If there is something about your smile you’d like to change, cosmetic dental procedures are part of our expertise.  We offer numerous dental treatments including root canals, teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bonding, tooth replacement, tooth shaping, and can correct anything from discoloration to broken teeth.  Our dental team uses a variety of pain-free and efficient methods to achieve your ideal smile. Just stop by our office in Salt Lake City, Utah and you’ll be well on your way to having the smile of your dreams.

We love being a part of the Millcreek community as well as the Salt Lake City community.   We live here because we enjoy all the natural splendor that SLC, Utah has to offer and we strive daily to to provide local groups and individuals with quality, cost-effective dental benefits and superior customer service.

Our mission is to advance oral health care.  We are passionate about oral health and the impact it has on future generations. Our core purpose is to advance the oral health and general well-being of our customers, partners and consumers by providing outstanding oral care.

With evening and weekend appointments available, as well as an on-call emergency dentist, we do everything we can to make your dental service in SLC, Utah as convenient as possible.

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